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Turissa Moreland, Math Teacher @ East High School

"Ms. Moreland continually works hard for the best interest of her students. Whenever you walk into her classroom, students are always engaged and focused. Ms. Moreland does not give up on her students and she will find a way to reach them and help them succeed. She also communicates with parents and keeps them updated on their child's progress. Ms. Moreland is devoted to helping make East High School 'Be Great!' Congratulations, Ms. Moreland." 

Joni Wilde, Food Service @ East High School

"Joni goes above and beyond to ensure every student gets fed. She always ensures the food service team at East High has everything they need to succeed each day. Her colleagues are very grateful to have Joni on their team. She is kind, and dedicated, and will go above and beyond for everyone. She also is willing to help new staff members and answers any questions they may have. Congratulations, Joni!"

Nick Gaul, Math Teacher @ East Middle School

"Mr. Gaul is a huge asset to East Middle School. Throughout the school year, Mr. Gaul has built positive relationships with students by utilizing encouragement and motivational tools. He is also firm and fair when it comes to student discipline. Furthermore, his respect for others and professionalism are top-notch. Staff members have stated he is supportive, quick to respond, and receptive. All in all, Mr. Gaul is very thorough and his communication with staff is wonderful. Congratulations!"

Ryan Prather, Behavior Interventionist @ West Middle School

"Mr. Prather provides support for our students that need it most. He is a present and engaged staff member supporting our students’ behavior. He supports staff by providing ideas and strategies to work with our students. Mr. Prather is a trusted individual our students feel safe with. He makes wonderful relationships with students and overall, he contributes skills that make WEST best. Congratulations, Mr. Prather!"

Yvonne Paronto, Office Assistant @ West Middle School

"Mrs. Paronto is one of the smiling, happy faces you see when you first enter West Middle School. She is kind and courteous to all students, staff, and visitors in our building. She helps in the office by completing any tasks needed and students have wonderful relationships with her, All in all, she makes our office a happy cheerful place. Oh, and we cannot forget to praise her delicious cake-making skills! Congratulations, Mrs. Paronto!"

Jody Vondrak, SPED Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

A staff member at Morningside STEM Elementary School said the following about Jody: "Not only has Jody been an incredible resource for me, but she is so passionate about having an impact on students. This year, she took it upon herself to create "Kindness Books" (a tradition I hope to continue), decorated the hall with "Be the I in Kind" letters, and initiated the acts of kindness incentive. Beyond that, she decorated the lounge and was active on the Special Ed task force and multiple committees. I have not worked with Jody long, but I know she did a lot for our school and I would like to thank her in a special way for her retirement this year."