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Aylin Garcia, ESL Tutor @ Bryant Elementary School

"Ms. Garcia is new this year at Bryant and works in our ESL program. She is very kind and caring to the students. She completes all tasks given to her and goes above and beyond whenever she can. Ms. Garcia is patient with students and very reliable. We are so lucky to have her as a Bryant Bear! Our students and staff enjoy working with her."

Jennifer Bruening, Special Education Teacher @ East Middle School

"Mrs. Bruening is always researching and executing innovative and engaging math lessons with students. Mrs. Bruening spends countless hours making ensuring her students and colleagues have the best learning and work experiences possible. She is an amazing and organized leader and the amount of time she spends to keep our team minutes and notes organized shines through. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and shows a level of professionalism that is greatly appreciated by our team members. Congratulations, Mrs. Bruening!"

Michelle Moser, Second Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

"Michelle goes above and beyond to support her students. She works hard to get all of her students the support they need. We are proud of Michelle! Congratulations!"

Daniel Barkley, Building Service Technician @ Unity Elementary School

"Daniel works hard to support our teachers and ensure classrooms are clean and ready for students to learn. He is quick to help take care of any building needs. Thanks, Daniel, for all you do!"

Jessica Bunch, Foundations Teacher @ Unity Elementary School

"Jessica is an amazing team player! She goes out of her way to support other teachers and she works extremely hard to provide unique opportunities for her students. Unity is proud to have Jessica as a part of the team!"

Trisha Boltjes, Registrar @ Unity Elementary School

"Trisha has jumped into her new role and works hard to meet student needs at Unity. She is a fast learner and loves getting to know our students. We are very grateful to have her!"

Rebecca Dreessen, First Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

A parent said the following about Rebecca: "Miss Dreessen made my child's transition to first grade easy on her. My daughter comes home excited to share all the new and fun stuff they are doing in class. My daughter also talks about how Miss Dreessen always listens to her, helps her, and makes her feel important at school! Miss Dreessen is an amazing addition to Morningside STEM Elementary School."

Jim Duehn, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Leeds Elementary School

"Mr. Duehn joined our team last fall and has quickly built strong relationships with students and staff at Leeds. Mr. Duehn always treats his colleagues, students, and our families with respect. His classroom is well organized and managed, which creates a great environment for our students. He is also always willing to give a helping hand and a friendly smile. Thank you, Mr. Duehn, for making Leeds a great place to be!"

Julie Krommenhoek, Third Grade Teacher @ Leeds Elementary School

"Mrs. Krommenhoek has been making a difference in the lives of SCCSD students for 30 years. She plans engaging lessons and makes learning fun for her students. Mrs. Krommenhoek sets high expectations for her students and is passionate about teaching. She has been a leader in implementing many new initiatives throughout her career and continues to go above and beyond to ensure her students succeed in meeting their goals. Thank you, Mrs. Krommenhoek, for your continued dedication to the Leeds students, our staff, and our community!"

Stacy Hagan, Second Grade Teacher @ Leeds Elementary School

"Mrs. Hagan is dedicated and truly cares about her students and their success. She shows her dedication daily through well-planned lessons, her caring approach, and her welcoming environment. Mrs. Hagan encourages and motivates her students to try their best in everything they do. Her students look forward to coming to school each day because they know they will be greeted with a smile. Thank you, Mrs. Hagan, for providing an environment that our students are eager to learn in!"

Jenny Delperdang, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

"Mrs. Delperdang does an amazing job building relationships with her students. She works hard to make learning fun and interactive. Mrs. Delperdang’s classroom environment is warm and inviting and is a place where everyone feels welcome and valued. Mrs. Delperdang greets everyone with a genuine smile. We are so grateful to have Mrs. Delperdang at Hunt A+!"

Tamara Kuehl, Retention Specialist @ East High School

"Tamara goes out of her way to build relationships with students, and in doing so, has gotten many students to move on to the next grade or graduate. She is always positive and goes above and beyond to help every student. Tamara is helpful and supportive of both students and staff. She has worked with many students in class and is invested in seeing all students succeed by guiding them to complete assignments. She is also very positive and uplifting when communicating with both staff and students. Congratulations, Tamara!" 

Kayla Herfel, CNA @ Riverside Elementary School

"Kayla has been an excellent addition to our team at Riverside. She loves working with our students and is always willing to help out. She has organized our nurse's office so that we can easily care for our students when they are in need. Kayla helps in the office when we need her help and takes initiative to complete tasks without being asked. Thank you for all you do for our staff and students, Kayla!"

Karli Lang, ESL Teacher @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Karli is always kind to her students. She is engaged in the classroom and our students love going to her class. You can tell by her smile every day that she loves what she does. Congratulations, Karli!"

Jo Dee Weltz, Consulting Teacher @ West Middle School

"Jo Dee is very productive in her role as a consulting teacher and supports teachers with technology and MAP testing. She is an innovative leader and creates various tools to support staff and students in the classroom. She is a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful to have her in this role!"

Sue Ann Hardin, Registrar @ East Middle School

"Mrs. Hardin does an amazing job day each day supporting parents and students with enrollment needs. She is very organized and communicates all enrollment changes to staff in a very efficient manner. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help out students, staff, and parents with all of their needs and questions. Thanks for all you do!"